love coupons

So, I used to get these coupons for 50% or 60% or wearedesperateformoneycomeback% off eHarmony several times a year. I haven’t gotten on in…a really long time. I am beginning to think that even eHarmony has lost faith in me ever finding a companion.

Do you think they look at some accounts and just say “wow, she’s super picky and has already tried us 3 times so we should probably not waste the stamp and just focus on the ones that stand a chance at love.”

Come on eHarmony, maybe some of us are deficient in love, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like being harassed by your junk mail. I even logged in and double-checked my address to be sure it wasn’t a matter of the coupons getting lost in the mail.

Then again, come to think of it, it could have been that blog I wrote a while ago that eHarmony Jack decided to comment on and then got scared away by my other readers. I think I’ve been black listed….

Sorry eHarmony Jack, you can start sending me my coupons again.


Griz said...

did you try charlie's and my website? www.christianmingle.com, cause if you haven't i'm ready to set up a profile for you....lol. maybe i can forward you my discount to eharmony websites:D they want me to find a mate and I am very tempted but Charlie would not be happy with the idea!

James said...

Still laughing over the whole eHarmony Jack situation.