An ode to cam

There is a guy that I have admired from afar salsa dancing for a while now. All three years I've been dancing to be honest. His name is Cam and he is a stunning black man that salsa dances beautifully.

Only one problem. He'll never dance with me. All of my admiring really has been from afar. He asked my roommate to dance maybe once when we first laid eyes on him but from then on he just dropped us. It was like we never existed. We were all regulars at the same place, saw each other EVERY week - but we were forced to just drool from a distance as we watched this unattainable beauty dance with all the other girls.

All of that changed last night. Cam asked me to dance.

I don't know if there was a lack of other girls or my combination of my shimmery silver top and messy bun wrung him in...either way, the dance I had long since dreamed about was going to take place. I was finally face to face and hand in hand with my salsa crush.

...and that's when the dream began to crumble.

First, he was wearing a v-neck and had irregular amounts of chest hair [granted this might not freak out many of you, but I have an irrational fear of hairy chests]. You don't notice these things when you admire from a distance.

Second, we just didn't mesh well, no chemistry, no heat! This perfect dance I KNEW we would have if only he'd ask me was only a myth in my head. He was the hardest lead to follow and I found myself continually saying "sorry, oops, so sorry." [And none of the mistakes even led to accidental ass grabs or boob grazes] And then I thought, "you're so good looking, and I've waited so long, this should be hot!"

Third, well, there is no third. He is still just a stunning black man.

He seems like a nice enough guy, just painfully shy and I never should have ever danced with him. It is the age old phrase I always say: "I don't want to meet you cause you'll only disappoint me"

Some boys are better left at a distance. Cause now after three long years I need a new salsa crush.


insomniaclolita said...

aaaw, this is never nice to be happening. There's a guy that used to be my eye candy from afar but not anymore, when we're actually close enough to talk and i found out he smells, EW

lizzo said...

PERFECT last line. you and stunning black men who dance... i would say that they're your type, except that actually meeting them seems to get in the way of the chemistry. dangit.

Anonymous said...

I have seen this beautiful stallion of a man and he is soooooooo worth the wait. Sorry there were no chemicals! Maybe you should dance with him a couple of more times, see if the heat develops. Then if it does ask him never to wear that v-neck again and then perhaps to wax. Hey, if we are going by the "give the guy a 2nd chance" clause you should at least give him 2 more dances!