How do you know you are in love?

I found this on the internet the other day and thought it was intriguing...thoughts?

How to Know if You're Really in Love

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There is no easy way to find the truth behind your feelings or the feelings of another person but there are some tell-tale signs that love is blooming (or growing deeper). If you agree with 7 of the following 9 statements you are probably in love.

  1. You know, because you have been told by your significant other, that your deep feelings are returned in kind.
  2. The object of your affections makes you feel special and good about yourself.
  3. If/when you feel jealous it is always fleeting; you trust your partner not to betray you or hurt your relationship.
  4. Nothing makes you feel as serene as when you and your partner are together.
  5. When you fight with your partner you usually make up within a few hours and you always agree that nothing is more important than you both being able to express your true feelings (even if they sometimes cause conflict).
  6. Your partner never asks you to choose between him/her and your loyalties to your family and friends - if you do choose him/her over them you always have a good reason and it is always YOUR decision, and your decision alone.
  7. Neither you or your partner feel the need to test the other's loyalties or feelings.
  8. You are more yourself when with your partner than you are with anybody else.
  9. If sex is part of your relationship it is by mutual desire and agreement without the slightest hint of commitment testing or persuasion.


Olivia McCain said...

this list is odd, because i think it's odd to test how you're in love, but i'm pleased that all those points (except 1) are true for chris and i.

the one where i wasn't sure i agreed with was the one about being most serene when i'm with chris. i think i'm most serene in many different situations: when i'm spending time with my nephews, spending time with good girlfriends, at church, and with chris.

but 8 our of 9 ain't bad! :)
(and thank goodness cause we got engaged over the weekend!!)

Yeti said...

AGH!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS OLIVIA AND CHRIS!!!!!! SO so so so so happy for the two of you!!

Date Girl said...

Aw, that was a cute way for your friend to tell you she's engaged. :-) I love this little test. I like what they said about the jealousy, how it's always fleeting because you trust the one you love. Great little post!