I don’t know if I have ever told you readers this before, but I am kind of a big deal. I have been trekking in Nepal before. That’s right…made it to Annapurna Base Camp. I puked when I got there…but I think that’s totally normal.

Anyway, part of what I love about trekking is the people you meet along the way. You are bound to meet people that will journey with you along the way to each stop. Our group found two such guys – Boom-Boom and The German.

Boom-Boom could provide us with several blog posts on his own – he was an exuberant Canadian man that was SO FUN I kind of wanted to put him in my pocket and take him home with me.

But the point of this post, is The German. All the trekkers that were staying at this mountain stop for the night were in the main dining area sitting at one table crammed around a little gas heater. It was FREEZING. I ended up sitting next to The German all throughout dinner and then afterward as my group spent some time in discussion and debriefing the days activities.

He was quite distracting.

First of all, he was really good looking. Second, he kept trying to engage me in conversation even though I was trying REALLY hard to pay attention to what was going on with my group. And lastly…he was apparently a masseur back in Germany, so he kept trying to give me a massage.

Dear readers, I cannot express to you how difficult this was to resist after trekking all day long – on Day 4 of a 7 Day trek in the Himalayans. He just sat there massaging my leg, then my hand and arm and then finally worked his way to my shoulders. Who was I to resist?

The best part though (and the point of this post) was as he was massaging my shoulders he took hold of my shirt, tugged it a little, and said: “I do much better massages without the clothes on.” [insert hopeful glance here]

Riiiight. Good try…real good line…but you’re going to have to prove that you are a professional by working around the clothing. Cause my shirt is staying ON.


Mateo "El" Barbero said...

You are a stronger person than I--I would have ripped my shirt off right there. I suppose, though, that ultra- white, man chests aren't his "thing".

Rebecca said...

What was your group thinking during all of this as they were discussing and debriefing, and you had the attractive German rubbing your leg and tugging at your shirt? I imagine that may have been a bit distracting for all :)

the girl in asia said...

i was just thinking about you and nepal... and wondering when you were coming here again.. etc... :P so funny to read this post now...