wrong number

so, i may have hit a new low. not really sure (or ready to admit it).

there is a cute boy that i went to college with who has recently moved closer to me. we connected on facebook briefly (I LOVE FACEBOOK!) and i sent him a message letting him know what city i lived in and that we should get together sometime...proceeding to leave my phone number.

this boy and i were never really close in college, and i have not talked to him in about 5 years, so for all i know he could be a freak...but apparently i was really hoping he would call becaaaaaause....

wednesday i get a call from a number that i don't recognize but it is the area code of his hometown (INTERSTING!) i can't answer because i am at work and i wouldn't anyway.

so i wait for a voicemail to come through.



this is the point i realized that i wanted it to be him: i proceeded to send the phone number to my friend jennifer asking her to call it pretending she got a wrong number or thought it was a deli or something so we could see who it belonged to.

wanna know who it was? TARGET PHARMACY!!

worst letdown ever. but jennifer had a good laugh.


lizzo said...

lol... love it!

Kevin said...

Target Pharmacy always gets me weirded out with their number. I think it is Oklahoma or something.

Yeti said...

they call from EVERYWHERE...which is what is so confusing. one month it is Oklahoma, the next it is some boys hometown. why can't they just call from my pharmacy's actual area code? that seems to make too much sense.

Dave and Betsy: said...

An update please...did he ever call?