if i had a nickel for every time i went out with a guy in the mafia

i can't decide which is worse - when a guy doesn't call or when he makes up lavish stories about why he can never see you again. i think i like the stories - helps me know he's put some effort into getting rid of me.
this phenomenal story was submitted to me by an anonymous yeti reader. please read and share in her pain.

i went out with this guy who i knew "a bit". seemed very nice, very normal, polite.. etc... a bit young, but hey. prior to "going out", we text at least a few times a day. everything on the date goes fine, no problems, but the two days after our texts come to a complete stop. okay, not "our" texts, because i still continued to text him as per our normal banter until i realized he wasn't responding. after three days of absolute silence a two-way text conversation finally starts:

A- hey sorry, my phone has been off.
E- oh really? the boy who is in love with his blackberry?? heehe. suuuuure... :P
A- no, really... i've been in a bit of a mess.
E- what kind of mess?
A- well, some deep shit.... mafia shit... so i turn my phone off most of the time...
E- hm... what did you do?
A- nothing.... it's just a misunderstanding... but yeah. i call you in a few days.

mafia shit might just be amongst the best excuses ever for being blown off...


the girl in asia said...

i like the outlandish stories.. bc there is this ridiculous nurturing side (or maybe it's just to make myself feel better) that's always thinking, "well what if he was in a car accident and that's why he's not called??"

let's just get this straight, girls- 99.9% he was never in a car accident.

Dave and Betsy: said...

That's awesome...the mafia. Is there a book out there for this stuff?


Dave and Betsy: said...

That's awesome...the mafia. Is there a book out there for this stuff?


John said...

the mafia? What, the Pasadena Pimpdogs? Mafia as an excuse...give him points for even uttering it out loud, without snorting in laughter.

Or even worse, it's actually true.

Either way, nay, nay, stay away!