Toilet paper

Do you think restaurants and offices buy such crappy toilet paper so no one will steal it and take it home?


Rebecca said...

possibly. however, toilet paper is toilet paper. i sadly admit to have stolen crappy toilet paper because, lets be honest, it beats being creative

John said...

it's a price issue. Whatever may save money, because, whew, that toilet paper budget line is killing us here!

Alice in Wonderland said...

Hi Yeti!
Just wandered over from Thunder from a Silent Cloud! I'm totally fascinated at this thought! It's something we have all done at sometime or another...haven't we??
It depends on how scratchy it is, or what we are planning on using it for!!!

Anonymous said...

I once tried to take some toilet paper from work (it was the bad kind as well). Unfortunately it was locked inside a box. We're talking $0.25 - $0.50 per roll and it was securely attached to the wall.

I no longer work there.