I like to have FUN!

Relationship Survival Guide: Pick Up Lines - Watch more Funniest Videos


Rebecca said...

I nearly cried I was laughing so hard. I want to feel special too, but most definitely not by any of those guys!

Ipp said...

This was like a car accident, I couldn't turn my head away but it was awful.

Most of these guys have a mustache, I think that says something.

"I do consider myself to be a refined Valley dude."

Mav @ This Front Porch said...

1. I'd like to know what a simple vs. a complex smile would look like

2. Dude wearing a moose sweater who starts a dating video greeting his mom = deal breaker

3. 98% of those dudes...creepers!

4. Hilarious!

john said...

"are you the goddess" guy...uh, yeah. I feel bad about being a guy after watching all these goofballs representing for my gender...ugh.

Yeti said...

i just can't decide which guy to choose.