A hadwritten hello

You know what I miss? Letters.

I never get letters in the mail anymore. Just a little something letting you know that someone was thinking about you and wanted to take the time to write some thoughts down just for you, fold them up, stick them in an envelope and put a stamp on it.

Sometimes I wish we would use the good 'ol post office a bit more. I am guilty of it just as much as anyone. I don't even know anyone's address anymore - if they don't have email (or, let's be honest, facebook) there's pretty much no hope of ever speaking to them again.

Letters. I miss letters.


[F]oxymoron said...

Write on!

That's why I've included such a task on my 101 things in 1001 days:

"Write somebody an unexpected letter"

Of course I'm 0/9 right now, but I've still got hundreds of days!

MilesPerHour said...

Hmm, I hahen't even thought about that, probably as most of us use email and texting so much these days. You're right though, getting a letter used to be so exciting.

the girl in asia said...

i wrote a guy a hand written letter in march... he said it made his month. then when i came to his same city for the first time since we met, he wound up standing me up. i guess it wasn't as charming as i thought it would be.... ;)

Yeti said...

you still have time Foxy!! i'll give you MY address ;-)