I already don't like dogs

I feel like this is very unnatural. This dog is almost as big as a horse. And it looks like a human. I think the feet are what freak me out most.
I bet this is a family Christmas card...I would not hang it on my fridge.

Found here.

Couple more thoughts:
I hope he is obedient - because if this thing tries to run away from you, you aren't going to be stopping it.
And I hope he is potty trained because if that thing accidentally goes in your house what a MESS.


Bernadette J. said...

Just imagine this big dog giving you a big kiss!

I'm pretty certain he would be friends with Zoe. They're almost the same size!

Robin said...

This can't be real. I don't believe it.

Yeti said...

yeah...i am pretty sure this is fake.