An Open Letter to Simon

Dear Simon,

Jillian is stupid. Date me.


Confession: I watch the Bachelorette.

Fact #1: I heart Simon Ambrose.

Fact #2: Jillian is dumb for cutting him last night.

Fact #3: I MAY have found him on facebook and added him as a friend.

Is that creepy? I mean, apparently he is single and looking (he let America know that when he joined the show). It would be unfair of me to hold back when I know that what he's looking for is ME. Plus he has an English accent. It would be unfair to myself if I didn't try to date him so I could hear it more often.

And while we're at it: I might be falling in love with Jake, Tanner P is creepy, Wes is annoying and Juan is an a-hole.


Anonymous said...

yeah wtf mate.

i heart reid. (well at least his face). and kypton. or kyptin. or kipton. or kyptyn. we can just call him encinitas.


Andhari said...

Her loss, maybe your gain. It's FAIR GAME to add him on facebook. You should message him too :P

Mav said...

I absolutely love that you found him on facebook! A guy left a comment on one of my blogs relating to the agony of singleness...so I emailed him. Hey, we're just doing out part to cut down on unwanted singleness in American right?!?

Dave and Betsy: said...

Can I just ask...WHAT did you see in Simon? He's sort of an oaf. Is that mean???

I like how the guy who took off his clothes and jumped in the pool naked didn't get a rose!!! "I guess she didn't like what she saw!" - naked pool guy. You think?!?!?!?!?! Here's a tip (no pun intended) - don't show her your junk before you've even kissed. It's a turn-off!!

Yeti said...

HAAH! Seriously, bets. I agree about the pool guy - the only thought going through my mind was "wow...you SURE know women!"

charissa said...


"Here's a tip (no pun intended)"

Anonymous said...

Dear Yeti,

P.S. And David could use some anger management classes.

Warmly (and fondlely...I mean fondly),
you know who