when you relate to a post too much

I'm sorry, but could this post be ANY MORE BRILLIANT?! Seriously. "How To Date A Devout Christian" from Thought catalog. My friend OK....cupid showed it to me.

I can't even pick out my favorite quotes from it. Because the whole thing is my favorite quote. What I appreciate most about it is how uncomfortable I am that I still really relate to a lot of it. How many times do I catch myself saying "I hate all this dating stuff, it is so stressful and complicated and I just want to meet a nice boy that is already my friend and we both just realize that we are in love and it is not awkward and we start dating when he gives me some ranunculus and a pretty necklace." I am kidding ONLY about the necklace part.

And the prayer thing is totally legit. I still think prayer is super intimate. I cannot explain this - but it is true. The other day a guy I am not romantically attracted to at all grabbed my hands to say a quick prayer and I swear at that moment I could picture walking down the aisle with him and what our three kids would look like. It is WEIRD, people.

And I am totally down with keeping a relationship relatively quiet for like....10 years. I think a great time to announce that you are finally in a committed relationship is with the birth of your first child. That is really what seals the deal for me.

AND NOTHING GOOD HAPPENS AFTER 10:00P (Lizzo can back me up on this one)

Am I right? No? I'm alone in this? That's okay - this is not the first embarrassing things I've confessed on this blog. Go read the whole article, it's hilarious. And if this was the most confusing post you've ever read from me, that's okay. I was slain in the spirit when I wrote it.

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John said...

Now this is what I've been missing...yeti is back! Slain in the spirit when you wrote this....killing me!