The Case for a Husband #3

someone to put suntan lotion on your back so you don't burn in strange ways.

someone to scratch your back so you don't dislocate your shoulder.

someone to ride in the car with you so you can take the carpool lane.

someone to blame when you don't want to go out "oh, shoot! i really want to but HE wants to stay in tonight, sorry!"

someone to start brewing the coffee before you get out of bed.

someone to kill the spiders.

someone to take out the trash.

someone to screen your calls.

...i might actually need an assistant not a husband.


Eric Jessen said...

I do I hope I serve a higher utility to my wife than being an assistant. Not sure that I actually DO but I really hope I do.... :)

Sam said...

I like the list.

Olivia Hein said...

The coffee and the spiders is HUGE in my house. He'll also run out to the grocery store to pick up whatever I forgot to buy (butter, maple syrup, pork chops, etc)