dating is really fun. and i even think it helps you get to know yourself better.. but the funny thing is this: when you start dating a really nice guy, you feel really stupid. let me explain.

i have started dating a really nice guy. and when i started dating him it made me think about all of my previous relationships in retrospect, and i just started feeling stupid. to think about the boys that i have dated before - all of the mind games and the mystery i thought i had to keep and the questioning about how compatible we might be...to think about how many bands i suffered through and faked an interest in, how many times i pretend to like ice cream, the political conversations I barely made it through in an attempt to sound intelligent or like I cared, and the amount of times i justified weird habits like pretending i didn't bug me that there was spongebob paraphernalia all over the house or vampire fangs were cool and living with your parents is normal...

with this guy it is just so easy. it makes sense. he is so clear and straight forward and fun. we have actual SHARED interests. i realized that relationships don't have to be complicated. they can feel right and just click. it might all come crashing down in flames...who am i to say - i've never gotten it right before. but at least it's not miserable in the meantime and I'm not eating ice cream or cuddling on the couch with spongebob square pants.


lizzo said...

completely, completely agree. it does make you shake your head at all the bullshit you've endured/spat out in years previous -- but on the flip side, i do think that going through all the bullshit helps you appreciate the goodness when you finally experience it.

when r and i started dating, i was amazed -- as i continue to be -- at how freaking easy our relationship is. when it's right, it just flows. it doesn't have to be so damn hard.

Blomgrens said...

Glad it's easy - It's way more fun that way!

Date Girl said...

Haha, so true. I just went through my past blog posts and I was cringing at the crap I put up with! All of the mind games, the guys who only called at night, broke plans, losers who lived at home or had no job. UGH.

Happy to hear you've got a guy that makes things easy. That's when you know it's something special. :-)