Ambiguous Co-Worker

Sometimes it is awkward when you work with people of the opposite sex that are semi-vague and you don’t really know what to say to them. They SEEM to be trying to vaguely hit on you, and you aren’t interested in them, but you don’t know how to steer the conversation a different direction – and wouldn’t it be presumptuous just to say “hey, listen, just in case you’re interested in me, I’m not so….stop saying vaguely flattering things to me. Okay? Thanks.”

There is this boy that works in my building that keeps saying strange things to me like: 
“why do you keep sending someone else from your floor here instead of bringing things yourself? I don’t like it when other people come by.”
Or as he’s entering things in the system and makes mistakes he says:
“I guess I just get nervous and flustered when you’re around.”
And then sends me messages over gchat that say:
“pretend this is not a ploy to get your attention”

um….er…..okay. I’ll pretend. If you pretend to stop saying these things and just be my co-worker! Deal?


Dave and Betsy's Blog said...

Remember the move "He's not that into you" or something like that. To me, it sounds like this guy is into you. And if he's not, I agree that he needs to stop.


Anonymous said...

It's not presumptuous to ask; some people don't realize how their actions are interpreted and you need clarification of what is going on. Better to straighten it out early than let it escalate, especially if it's a coworker. I'm pretty dense when it comes to figuring this stuff out, but even I would say this guy is interested in you.

John said...

Yeti, the guy so likes you, otherwise he wouldn't say those things, even if they are odd. If he didn't like you, your presence wouldn't fluster him. Stop sending other people?...clearly he wants to see more of you....pay him a visit and see what happens...

Yeti said...

Haah thanks, John. Only I am not real interested in seeing what happens so I think I'll keep sending up co-workers :)

john said...

That'll show him!

Blomgrens said...

Awk to the WARD! So weird. Good luck!