friend request

I think it's creepy when you ask me to be your friend on facebook when:

- you're 35 years older than me
- we have no friends in common
- you have no picture
- your mom's name is melificent



V said...

Bahahahha! I KNOW, heh!

I have ENDLESS guys from Turkey and Istanbul trying to add me on Facebook. YIKES!

[F]oxymoron said...


I maintain a strict Facebook friend policy... it only happens after we've shared a beer (or wine, coffee, tea!)

Yeti said...

what about people you send napkin letters to??

lizzo said...

lol. truth.

MilesPerHour said...

Most of my facebook friends aren't people I know. I just have them for the games. In fact, they bother me a heckava lot less than my real ones.

[F]oxymoron said...

Good point. But as a pseudo anonymous blogger with a fascination with microbrews and good conversations, I stand by my policy.

If I ever hit up the west coast, I'm up for drinks!

the girl in asia said...

so no time for dating in the holidays? no new stories in a while... :S